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Voisin Consulting Life Sciences
64 Avenue Pierre Grenier
Boulogne, France
Téléphone: 33 (0)1 41 31 83 00
Site web:


Voisin Consulting Life Sciences (VCLS) is specialized in consulting services to innovative life sciences companies: biotechnology, medtech and pharmaceutical companies. 


VCLS supports its clients throughout product development from the design of global development plans and regulatory strategies to their implementation and submissions to regulatory agencies and payers. Its expertise encompasses the full spectrum of health products: drugs, biologics, cell and tissue therapies, medical devices/ digital, In-Vitro Diagnostics/CDx, combination products, as well as nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals.​

Our professional consultants have scientific background; they are located across Europe (London, UK; Paris & Rennes, France; Lausanne, Switzerland), the USA (Cambridge – MA, Somerville - NJ & San Francisco - CA) and Bangalore, India.
VCLS is constantly searching for talented people attracted by innovation, geographical and cultural diversity of the organization and its clients, and by the very rewarding and stimulating career opportunities offered to the employees.

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